Deputies and Staff Recognized

The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office held it’s annual awards banquet last week.

The deputies and staff were recognized for their work through out the year and some awards were given out.  An award is given each year for Civilian Employee, Corrections Deputy, and Patrol Deputy of the year.  The employees of the Sheriff’s Office choose the recipient of each of these awards. For 2017 the Civilian Employee of the year was awarded to Cherish Cowley. The Corrections Deputy of the year was awarded to Deputy Tamberleigh Lee. And the Patrol Deputy of the year was awarded to Deputy Kris Larsen.  Each were recognized by their peers for the commitment, hard work, attitude, and professionalism they show.

This year 7 deputies were awarded the Franco R. Aguilar Standard of Excellence Award. This award is given to Deputies who complete 80 hours of training in the previous year. The training must be in a minimum of four different areas with a maximum of 20 hours per training or discipline. They must also complete a 1.5 mile run or 3 mile bike ride in 14 minutes and 9 seconds. They must also do 23 push-ups in a minute and 32 sit-ups in one minute. They must bench press 70% of their body weight and have a vertical leap of 17.5 inches. They must have received a satisfactory evaluation for the year and completed two short term goals or one long term goal. After all the above, they must be recommended for the award by their supervisor. The recipients get to wear a red and blue bar on their uniform for the following year.  For 2017 the recipients are: Deputy Victor Murdock, Deputy Mike Anderson, Deputy Justin Gleave, Deputy Brandt Deaton, Deputy Cody Barton, Lieutenant Bryant Johnson, and Chief Deputy Shaun Robbins.