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Our Emergency Management Division plans and directs emergency procedures to protect citizens from natural and human caused disasters. We work on preparedness for emergencies including...

Search and Rescue

The Sevier County Search and Rescue team is top-notch. Due to our diverse climate, terrain and population, our SAR needs to be prepared for ANY situation. It is a vital part of our community and allows us to truly enjoy where we live.

Community Involvement

The Sevier County Sheriff's Office is very involved with the surrounding community. Through different programs and events, the Sheriff's Office is able to interact with citizens, build partnerships and trust within Sevier County and surrounding areas.


Sevier County EMS is definitely a bright spot in our community. Some of the very best people on earth live and serve our area as EMS personell. We are thankful for all they do and for the service they provide to Sevier County



SCSO Mission Statement

It is our mission and our duty as a member of the Sevier County Sheriff's Office to serve the county with integrity, courage, dedication, pride, and showing compassion when appropriate. As a team we will protect the rights and welfare of the citizens of our county. We will be professional as we serve with honor and sacrificing our time and resources to improve the quality of life for the public we serve and the county we live in.

Sheriff Nathan J. Curtis, Sevier County Utah Sheriff

A message from the Sheriff:

I have the distinct honor of serving the citizens of Sevier County and proud of the men and women I get to work with day in and day out who are my deputies. Because of the commitment to our values the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office is a shining example of public service. Not many other public offices have the daily contact or effect on the lives of citizens as the Sheriff’s Office does. We take our service serious and take pride in our work.

We work everyday and every night to maintain the thin blue line between order and chaos. The few men and women who hold criminals accountable for their actions while protecting the Constitutional rights of all involved is a daily battle, but the line must be held. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” We must all do our part to ensure that evil does not triumph.

The Sevier County Sheriff’s Office has many responsibilities that are delegated by State Statute and many more that have been given by assignment. Sevier County is 1,900+ square miles in size with over 21,000 residents. There are 26 deputies including the Sheriff who provide 24-hour law enforcement. In addition there are 21 deputies who take charge of a 146 bed correctional facility that houses inmates for three counties and Utah Department of Corrections inmates. We also have charge of court security in the Sixth District Court and Sevier County Justice Court. We also have the responsibilities for all Search and Rescue missions in the County.

Also assigned to the Sheriff’s duties is the Emergency Medical Services for the County. Five full-time EMT’s/ paramedics provide coverage and training to all of the volunteer EMT’s in the County.

We hope you will be able to find many useful items of information on these pages concerning the Office of Sheriff and the many services we provide. Please take the time to learn a little bit more about us and what we do. If you have questions please feel free to contact us.

Sheriff Nathan J. Curtis
Sevier County Sheriff


A Historical Perspective of the Office of Sheriff

By Sheriff Roger Scott, Dekalb County, Illinois

When people hear the word sheriff some may think of Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry, he was the model of community policing before the term was invented, or perhaps Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Co. Arizona who wrote the book “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” or the Sheriff of Nottingham from the days of Robin Hood. What is your image of sheriff?  We certainly hope it is a positive image of your local sheriff. As a member of the National Sheriffs’ Association you know what a sheriff is, but where did the title come from, what makes the Office of Sheriff unique in law enforcement, why should it be called the Sheriff’s Office not a Sheriff’s Department, and why is it important to preserve its direct accountability to the citizens via the election process? It is the goal of this article to provide answers to all these questions.
The first of two important characteristics that distinguish the Office of Sheriff from other law enforcement units is its historical roots. In England, the sheriff came into existence around the 9th century. This makes the sheriff the oldest continuing, non-military, law enforcement entity in history. In early England the land was divided into geographic areas between a few individual kings – these geographic areas were called shires. Within each shire there was an individual called a reeve, which meant guardian. This individual was originally selected by the serfs to be their informal social and governmental leader. The kings observed how influential this individual was within the serf community and soon incorporated that position into the governmental structure. The reeve soon became the Kings appointed representative to protect the King’s interest and act as mediator with people of his particular shire. Through time and usage the words shire and reeve came together to be shire-reeve, guardian of the shire and eventually the word sheriff, as we know it today.


Two Arrested on Drug Charges

February 8, 2019

For immediate release: On 2-7-2019 Sevier County Major crimes unit arrested Bret Zimmer (29, Sigurd) and Staci Peterson (30, Sigurd) […]

Nevada Fugitive Captured in Sevier County

November 29, 2018

On Tuesday November 27, 2018 Sevier County Major Crimes Unit was contacted by Millard County Sheriff’s Office Detective Carter asking […]

Blood drive – Today!!!

August 31, 2018

The American Red Cross is needing your blood!! Blood demand is high right now and collections are down due to […]

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