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Utah Search And Rescue Advisory Board Releases Public Dashboard
Dashboard will feature Financial Assistance Program statistics and data

Salt Lake City - The Utah Search and Rescue Advisory Board, supported by the Utah Division of Emergency Management, is releasing a new public dashboard for the Search and Rescue (SAR) Financial Assistance Program.

The SAR Financial Assistance Program administers funding received through OHV registrations, hunting, and fishing licenses, and funds from the Utah Search and Rescue Assistance (USARA) card, to reimburse sheriffs' search and rescue teams statewide.

The dashboard will make program statistics and data available for public viewing on demand. This dashboard will be housed on the Utah Division of Emergency Management (DEM) website:

Previously, the Search and Rescue Advisory Board published an annual report that included financial and statistical information submitted from sheriffs' search and rescue teams representing search and rescue efforts, training, and new equipment costs. The SAR dashboard replaces the annual report and includes all counties that have participated in this program since 1997, reflecting key data such as:

Total Number of Statewide SAR missions since 1997: 11,461
Total Reimbursement Costs distributed to counties since 1997: $5,792,000

This information is crucial to reflect the countless hours dedicated search and rescue personnel have committed to serving their communities and the outdoor recreationists within Utah. To date, 100% of allowable costs associated with searches and trainings have been reimbursed. Equipment costs fluctuate annually depending on available funding and an outlined formula.

The dashboard is interactive and allows the public to view data by county, fiscal year, and selected date range. The dashboard is made possible through the efforts of the DEM Geographical Information Systems (GIS) team.

SAR Advisory Board members, Grand County Sheriff Steven White and Sevier County Sheriff Nathan Curtis, are available for questions regarding the SAR Financial Assistance Program.

Visit to see USAR meeting materials, listen to an audio recording or view any public handouts.

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