Nevada Fugitive Captured in Sevier County

On Tuesday November 27, 2018 Sevier County Major Crimes Unit was contacted by Millard County Sheriff’s Office Detective Carter asking for assistance in a case Detective Carter had been working on with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office. They had information leading them to believe a subject by the name of Mark Georgantas was in Sevier County.

Georgantas was wanted in Nevada for failure to show up to a sentencing hearing where he had been convicted of stealing money from people he met in casinos in Las Vegas. A district Court judge in Las Vegas had issued a $500,000 warrant for Georgantas when he failed to appear.  Goergantas had previously plead guilty and agreed to pay back money owed to victims.

Detectives from the Sevier County Major Crimes Unit went to a residence in Redmond where they believed Georgantas was staying. Detective Mickelson asked the home owners if they knew Mark Georgantas. They did not recognize the name, however they recognized Georgantas from a photo Detective Mickelson had, and said he was using the name of “Todd Wolf.” They directed the detectives to the bedroom where Georgantas was located. Georgantas initially resisted and made several claims of needing medical attention. However, detectives had been told by the Las Vegas detectives how Georgantas has made claims of needing medical attention and then escaped from custody. Georgantas was transported to the Sevier County Jail where he is expected to be extradited to Las Vegas to face his charges there.

Georgantas had several escapes from custody in the past, at one time he called through a sewer system in California, and crawling through a bathroom window in a Las Vegas court house.