Police Lights

House Fire

On 1-2-18 at 9:51 pm Sevier County Deputies, EMT’s, and Richfield City fire Department were dispatched to a residence in Glenwood for a possible fire. The occupants of the home said they cold smell smoke and thought there was something wrong with the chimney. As deputies arrived they found flames were coming out of the ceiling where the chimney went through. The occupants had sprayed it down once and the deputies sprayed it down again. When the Richfield Fire Department arrived they found flames had gone along the ridge of the roof and was travelling down the other side of the roof. The Fire department had to open the roof in order to get all of the hot spots put out. The fire marshall’s office will be looking into the cause but it appears the chimney pipe was a single wall pipe. There were no injuries to any occupants of the residence. While there is significant damage to the home, it is not expected to be a complete loss.

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