Traffic stop nets 10 lbs of Marijauna

Traffic stop results in 10 lbs of Marijauna being found in the vehicle, 2 suspects were arrested.

On Friday December 7 Sevier County SGT A. Hillin was working an interdiction shift on I-70 and observed a vehicle exceeding the speed limit. When the vehicle observed the deputy it immediately slowed to 60 MPH (dropping 28 MPH from the initial observed speed). The deputy pulled the vehicle over for exceeding the posted speed limit. When Sgt Hillin made contact with the occupants of the vehicle he could smell the odor of raw marijuana coming from the vehicle. When the driver, Phillip Kirk, was asked about the odor of marijuana, he admitted to having a few ounces of personal use marijuana in the car. Upon searching the car Sgt Hillin found 10 vacuum sealed packages containing a pound of marijuana in each package. Some more marijuana and paraphernalia was also found under the passenger seat of the vehicle where Anneke Borges was sitting. Phillip (25, Long Beach California) is being charged with Distribution of marijuana, suspended drivers license, Possession of marjiuana and drug paraphernalia. Anneke (22, Los Angeles, California) is being charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

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