Find out how the legalization of marijuana has affected our neighboring states. Attached is a link to a production from the State of Idaho called “Chronic Nation”, it talks about the promises made and broken during the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and elsewhere.   “Chronic Nation”


Utah Sheriff’s Association Marijuana Position Statement – 2017

Marijuana Position Statement – 2017 As Utah Law Enforcement, we do not claim to be drug experts.  However, we do have time, knowledge, and experience with individuals suffering from drug abuse.  We have seen some very sad and very real results of the abuse of drugs:    Domestic violence, fractured families, loss of self-control searching for

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********FRAUD ALERT******* We have received some reports of a fraud using the Sheriff’s Office main phone number. The caller is claiming to be a deputy for the Sevier County Sheriff’s “Department” saying the person receiving the call failed to show up for jury duty. The caller will then want you to verify who you are

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