********FRAUD ALERT*******

We have received some reports of a fraud using the Sheriff’s Office main phone number. The caller is claiming to be a deputy for the Sevier County Sheriff’s “Department” saying the person receiving the call failed to show up for jury duty. The caller will then want you to verify who you are by giving personal information. The caller then says you must go to Western Union to pay a “fine” in order to not go to jail. The caller wants you to get the money order and then bring proof to the Sheriff’s “Department” to prove you paid the fine. In the call last night the caller wanted them to go to the local Rite-Aid or Walgreens to get the money order.

This is a scam!! The caller has “spoofed” our main line number, when we do call the number comes up as blocked or unavailable if it is from us. We also are not a Sheriff’s “Department”, we are a Sheriff’s “Office”. Next we do not collect fines for failure to show for jury duty, a judge may issue a warrant for someone who does not show up to jury duty, but we will not ask for money. We especially will not ask for you to get a money order to post bail. As soon as you get the money order the suspect will have your money. If you have a warrant or civil process order we will come to your home ask for you specifically. We may even leave a note at your door for a paper service notifying you of the civil process giving you instructions to follow, but we will not call you up and demand money.

Do not ever give out your personal information unless you know exactly who you are talking to and know the purpose of how the information will be used.

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